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Safety & Business Centre Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in Uganda in 2005; with the mission of providing safety solutions. We offer professional safety services which include Health & Safety training, Safety Consultancy and development of Health & Safety Systems. SBC are also involved in the distribution of safety equipment and materials meeting industry standards.

SBC (safety supplier in Uganda) providing consultancy services

We supply Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Europe and across the world, majorly the UK. All our products have quality in mind.

SBC are authorised distributors for Portwest UK in Uganda.

Our other suppliers include SACLA France, Wolf Fox US and Atlants Spain solar powered equipment.

Our products are manufactured with distinction in mind and all our manufacturers certified under the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Based on the quality we supply, SBC has built a credible PPE client base within the country.

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SBC are leading providers of safety literacy in Uganda. Our trainings are excellent, designed to equip clients with  knowledge and skills required to develop safety cultures and mitigate the effects of accidents in the workplace. Our trainings help companies develop and implement risk management and safety programmes tailored to suit their individual environments.

Since 2005 we have trained over 100 corporate and multinational companies in implementing risk management/safety programmes that have contributed to promoting safety cultures within organizations.

SBC has carried out many such trainings with both mid-sized and multinational companies across and abroad the city. View some of our previous training sessions with our clients.

We use state of the art tools in the delivery of our trainings, enhanced with informative practical sessions.

More and more, potential contracting partners are requiring credible health and safety standards as a basis for business partnerships.

SBC helps you streamline your entire health and safety management system. We  help you identify risks that are unique to your environment through safety inspections and surveys conducted by us. Through this we chart out guidelines and policies that help you develop sound health and safety policies and maintain effective health and safety management systems.

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SBC is in partnership with PORTWEST, Ligentia and DeGrandson.

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Our Vision:

To become a premier safety agency and recognised centre for safety solutions in Uganda.


Provision of professional safety services and distribution of highest quality and affordable safety equipment and materials.


  • Safety
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Respect

Policy Aims:

SBC is committed to promoting Health, Safety and Environment excellence in all our activities.




Our management system is based on the philosophy of the continual identification, assessesment and management of business risks to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations.

  • We carry out risk assessment before any undertaking to ensure that we participate in activities that give due consideration for Health and Safety at work and preservation of the environment.
  • We endeavor to sensitize and select our partners on the basis of their Health, Safety & Environment management commitment.
  • Management of SBC is committed to making available the necessary resources to ensure HSE programs are effective.
  • We shall regularly measure our performance in safety management, and review our HSE objectives.
  • Every member of our company will be involved in HSE management and promotion. All unsafe acts or conditions are reported immediately to the management team and investigated.
  • We will maintain a relevant emergency response plan that will be communicate to all our staff and tested.
  • We shall carry out all our activities in compliance with the legal regulations and shall always adopt known best practices.


Let's see a more Safety-Conscious Culture

Be part of the Safety Management Network, a community started by SBC where Safety Professionals and Business Leaders engage for continual improvement in development of our safety culture.

Share thoughts, facts, technical information, and help others learn of upcoming changes in standards, codes, legal and other requirements.

Our main suppliers

SBC’s proud to be a distributor of PORTWEST, IOSC and SACLA products in Uganda.


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